Cognitive Data Scientist

I am a resolute and fervent Data Scientist with strong analytical, problem solving & programming skills as exemplified by my work experience and education. I recently graduated with Master's in Cognitive Science from University of Texas at Dallas with specialization in Computational Modeling & Data Science.

My expertise include Multivariate Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Machine Learning and organizational behavior (Psychology). I'm passionate about using data to tell a story and gain counter-intuitive insights.

Along with my studies at UTDallas, I was also working with the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences - UT Dallas on a project sponsored by DARPA to develop a Data Science tool (Data Driven discovery of models) to automate model discovery process for quantitative analysis mainly using d3.js, R, Python. I also have previous work experience of working with Accenture for a tenure of 3.5 years as Business Data Analyst where I had the opportunity to work with entire data life-cycle: Collection, Warehousing, Mining, Analysis, Modeling, Machine learning Algorithms, Prediction, Reporting and Dash-boarding.

Specialties: Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Marketing Analytics, Segmentation, Sentiment Analytics, Python, R, MATLAB, SAS, SPSS, D3.js, SQL, Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Tableau

Certifications: Machine Learning, Customer Analytics, ETL frameworks, People Analytics, R Programming


If you want to know more, feel free to connect with me on social media!